Windows has started a major software update just before tonight's Big Game!

Windows has started a major software update just before tonight's Big Game!

Trent called explaining that windows was doing an update on their scoring PC  just before the BIG game started.

We explained:
- Windows will usually download update files in the background at any time of the week
- then, execute these updates if the PC is turned on during a "non-business" time.
     - sadly for sports clubs, these are possible game-times!!
- when these updates have started, it is tough to stop them, if possible.. cope without the scoreboard for hopefully about 30 mins.
- it is no use turning off the internet. The files have already downloaded.
- if you have techs nearby they may try to pause this process

SHORT TERM, before any huge games or finals, maybe turn the PC on hours before & check for updates.
It is hard to change the update settings to avoid future updates. Gatesy changes these update settings every Windows version.

LONG TERM we recommend not using a PC with a regular style windows environment.
Solid can either reformat your PC with a lean, no BS windows environment (that has no updates for 20+ years).
Or, at this time it is usually a good opportunity to upgrade to a new PC.
- all PCs sold by Solid are setup in the no BS lean style
If you choose the "re-format" option:
- there will be a charge for a new windows licence
- there will be a charge for our time
- we will need the PC delivered to our office (we cannot carry out reformatting remotely)

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