Can I add speakers to my scoreboard?

Can I add speakers to my scoreboard?

Speakers can be added to most scoreboards.
Every venue is different in their layout & needs. 
At Solid we like to discuss your "sound" needs, and then try to back into a good solution.

Things to consider:
  1. Your Scoreboard location compared to the areas that the main crowds congregate
    1. The distance the scoreboard is from these crowds
    2. Where is the sound to be controlled from?
  2. What is this sound to be used for? (and examples of speaker placement)
    1. Sponsor advertising during games
      1. The speaker/s should be placed a close as possible to the main crowds, ie. high in the stadium area
        1. We have seen fantastic results, when clubs setup a small 10-15 second sponsor ad to automatically play after goals.
      2. Match/crowd noise can drown out any speakers placed across the ground at the scoreboard
        1. If your speakers across at the scoreboard are loud enough to be heard through a screaming crowd, then it won't be long until you have screaming neighbours!
    2. P.A. announcements during game days
      1. As above, this is best placed near the crowd
      2. While we are on the "crowd" topic. Emphasis should always be on "your' crowd (your club's fans and your cherished sponsors)
        1. If the opposition supporters set up camp on the other side (and bring their own food & drink), then they are not high on your priority list.
          1. This point is similar for the "scoreboard location", ie. angle you scoreboard slightly towards your fans, as opposed to that opposition corner.
    3. Movie nights 
      1. If this is important to your scoreboard investment then you 100% need speakers at the scoreboard. The speakers do not need to be super powerful.
        1. Most scoreboard configurations are different. Discuss the logistics of "how you get the video & sound signal to the speakers" with Solid for the best result.
      2. Experience has shown us (Solid) that:
        1. Every club wants movie nights
          1. About 1 in 20 try it once
          2. Of those clubs that try it, only a small amount will do it a second time. 
        2. What DOES occur frequently, is this scenario...
          1. On special function days, when club members congregate.
            1. Watching (partying) when a major event is on, ie. Melb Cup, AFL/NRL finals, Test cricket (the Perth test is great, with it's time-delay!!).
            2. During these days, many will be inside the club watching the TVs. The more active members will be on the ground having a kick (AND watching the action on the scoreboard!).
              1. "Sound" on the ground would be good here (but not compulsory).
Taking the above into consideration will help you invest your club funds better.
You know your club. You will know the best solution long-term for your club.

Solid can provide some solutions to you BUT we highly recommend calling your local AV guy and asking their advice.  These professionals are better qualified to advise on Sound (and projecting it where it is needed).

For consideration:
  1. Maybe for that first movie night, hire a portable P.A. system?
  2. Maybe consider buying a portable P.A. system? 
    1. You can then place them, 1. in the stadium above the crowd, 2. near the scoreboard (for movies), or 3. on the ground on a sunny day (for that huge turn-out on Junior Presentation day)?
  3. A good sound solution is GREAT. Don't rush into a solution, get it right. Be warned, a "pro" setup is dearer. But the end opinions (that we have heard) have always been very positive

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